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Save yourself from the stress of tax season and receive 10% off your service total when you set your appointment
for January 7th - 25th.
You MUST print and bring this page with you to your tax appointment to receive the discount.

Don’t have all your documents yet? No problem.
We can complete most of your forms beforehand. Once you have your other documents in order, simply fax them to
us and we will call you with the result of your return. From there, we e-file and set you up to receive your returns via
direct deposit.

Option 1: Mail-In Returns   (Details)
No appointment needed. Mail or fax us copies of your tax documents, and we will call you to review your return.
Option 2: Phone & Fax Appointment  (Details)
Conduct your appointment from home. For scheduling, book online or call: 877-700-9110.

Option 3: In-Office Appointment
For scheduling, book online or call: 877-700-9110.

San Dimas, Long Beach, Valencia,

Palmdale, Irvine

Phone: (877)700-9110

Fax: 888 441-0635

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